LED High Bay Lights for Commercial Buildings

November 05, 2018 3 min read

LED High Bay Lights for Commercial Buildings

LED high bay lights are designed for commercial buildings with mid to high ceilings. These fixtures are perfect for applications such as warehouses, gymnasiums, manufacturing areas, storage spaces, and barns, due to the fact they have a very high lumen high output and provide efficient lighting over large area spans. LED Fixtures and Lamps carries a variety of LED high bay light fixtures that include linear, round and ufo designs.

One of major benefits of the LED high bay compared to traditional fixtures is its lamps superior lifespan. High bays with dedicated LED technology installed provide rated lifespans that in some instances can exceed over 100,000 hours, giving you over 10 years of continuous use. They also provide more lumens than traditional fluorescent high bay fixtures, making them a great solution for buildings that need more lighting than standard fixtures can provide. Many of the LED high bay lights we carry exceed 40,000 lumens, more than double the output of typical fluorescent models. The lamps in dedicated high bays are powered by LED drivers. If your high bay goes out, you can simply just replace the driver.

LED High Bay Lights | LED Fixtures and Lamps

Many commercial building owners are deterred in installing or upgrading to LEDs because of their expense. When LED fixtures first started to become a popular, prices have continued to come down as more and more manufacturers are providing fixture solutions with technological advancements.

The major benefit of installing LED high bay lighting is their energy efficiency. LED high bays only use a fraction of the energy traditional fixtures used to require. Many building owners have seen a return on investment (ROI) in less than a year. If there are rebates from power distributors, the ROI is even less. LED fixtures can save you over 80% in energy consumption. Occupancy sensors and dimmers can also be used to control your LED high bay fixture, generating even more savings. Unlike traditional fluorescent and HID fixtures, LED high bays do not emit as much heat, thus reducing HVAC costs up to 20%.

In the past, a lot of maintenance was required to keep fixtures operational. LED high bay fixtures require virtually no maintenance. This helps to improve safety and visibility. Maintenance employees are not having to constantly replace lamps and ballasts, reducing the risks of an injury or accident. For many commercial building owners, this benefit alone is very attractive.

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One benefit that is important is that productivity can increase with the installation of LED high bay lighting fixtures. They provide a high-quality light output and brighten up the commercial building areas where they are installed. This helps employees see better, reducing eye strain and helping to finish their projects faster. LED high bays instantly turn on and come to full-brightness. There is no lamp flickering or waiting for them to warm up. The LEDs in dedicated high bays are virtually indestructible and can withstand common environment abuse unlike traditional fluorescent and HID lamps.

Installing these fixtures in your warehouse, manufacturing plant, gymnasium, and other commercial applications can provide you with all the benefits mentioned almost instantly. Shop LED Fixtures and Lamps selection of LED high bay fixtures today. Our sales associates are here to help, contact one of them today at (800) 229-4070 for product information or layout assistance.

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