A-Shape LED Lamps

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LED A19 and LED A21 Lamps

An ideal replacement for the traditional incandescent A19 and A21 bulb, is the LED a-shaped lamp. These a-shape bulbs are found in most interior and exterior fixtures found in home lighting. Now that LED technology has evolved, it presents an energy-efficient alternative. Our selection of LED A19 bulbs are designed as a direct replacement for your common incandescent light bulbs, helping to significantly reduce power consumption. Using up to 90% less energy than incandescent equivalents, LED light bulbs produce the same amount of illumination.

Our LED bulbs give you the option in choosing between several color temperatures and color tones to suit your décor. For the closest resemblance of light output your used to seeing from incandescents, a 2700K warm white or 3000K soft white would be the ideal choice. If you are looking for a light output that is a little bit cooler, then 4000K cool white would be ideal. Lastly, if you are someone that prefers the look of natural daylight or white light, we recommend going with a 5000K daylight color temperature. 

Many of our LED A19 and LED A21 lamps are dimmable, allowing you to adjust the light level to your preference. We even have a selection of LEDs to replace inefficient 3-way incandescents. Most of our LED light bulbs have up-to a 25,000 hour rated lifespan with warranties as long as 5 years. This will help give you a piece of mind of not having to constantly change light bulbs or remember to buy them at the store.