Antique Filament LED Lamps

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Antique LED Filament Bulbs

A great way to add a classic, vintage touch to your home or business is with the addition of antique filament LED lamps. They replicate the look of vintage incandescent bulbs and have the same warm light output, but incorporate the energy efficiency provided by LED technology. These vintage bulbs have three different glass types, a clear glass to show off its filaments, an amber glass to mimic traditional Victorian lamps, and a frosted glass as well. These LED light bulbs are great for sconces, pendants, and chandeliers, giving any area a vintage look.

There are several LED filament bulbs that are available to accommodate a variety of applications. They all have dimming capabilities, to give you extra control of the light levels they produce. Choose from 25-watt, 40-watt, and 60-watt equivalent LED lights. Each LED antique bulb from our catalog are rated for 15,000 hours of life with 2-year warranties.