BR40 LED Light Bulbs

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LED BR40 and R40 Light Bulbs

LED BR40 and R40 bulbs are designed are energy-efficient replacements for traditional incandescent and halogen bulbs. They significantly require less power to operate but still produce the same light output, helping to save on annual utility cost. Another great benefit these lamps provide is they last more than four times longer than incandescent models.

Our LED BR40 bulbs have an abundance of choices when it comes to color tones. Select a warm white 2700K color temperature to closely resemble the current color being emitted by your incandescent lamp. If you completely want to go to the other side of the spectrum, the 5000K color temperature will give you more of a daylight color tone. Most of our BR40 lamps have dimming capabilities, allowing you to dim the light down to meet your needs.