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More On LED Area Lighting

Making sure that your commercial business appears well-illuminated, appears safe and secure, is an extremely important. Many visitors or customers take this into consideration before they decide to visit your establishment. Incorporating LED area lights, will help ensure that you have a long lasting, highly-efficient lighting source. Most LED area lighting can stay illuminated and require no maintenance for up to 100,000 hours. This is a significant upgrade compared to HID lighting systems, since they are notorious for failing quickly and their light output diminishes at a rapid rate.

Traditional HID systems usually emit inconsistent colors of light, LEDs on the other hand maintain their color temperature for the life of the fixture. LED area lighting is ideal for shopping malls, commercial parking lots, car dealerships, residential parks, hospital grounds, and school campuses.

LED parking lot lights come with several different options for mounting. Standard arm mounts secure securely to the pole. Trunnion and slipfitter mount options, allow you to control the fixtures light distribution, enabling you to have a wide range of beam angle unlike that of the stationary arm mount. 

We have a large selection of LED area lights with various wattages, mounting options, and light distributions available. If you need help in selecting the fixture your need for your application, contact one of our lighting specialists today.