LED Flat Panels

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More About Flat Panel Lights

LED Flat Panels were designed to replace traditional fluorescent troffers, by providing a better light output and using significantly less energy. Flat panel lights are ideal solution for illuminating applications such as offices, conference rooms, hotels, schools, and retail stores. These fixtures are easy to install, simply remove the existing fixture and drop the new one in. They come in 1x4, 2x2, and sizes, to accommodate common ceiling grid layouts. These fixtures have become increasingly popular due to their super-thin design. Flat panels come in two distinct designs, EdgeLit and DirectLit (aka BackLit). Each have their own unique characteristics that consumers prefer.

Edge Lit Panels

The Edge-Lit flat panel features an aluminum or metal housing around the edge of the panel, this is where the LEDs are located. The light is then passed to the middle of the fixture interacting with a lens that redirects the light evenly across the fixtures surface. This helps to create a smooth, even shadowless light output. They can be recessed or surface mounted and even suspended, making them a versatile solution.

Direct Lit Panels

Direct-Lit flat panels look similar to the EdgeLit when installed but are different in several ways. One of their main differences is that the Direct-Lit panel has a thicker construction, since the LED light source is mounted directly to the back of the panel. Due to the way these are constructed, they cannot be surface mounted. 

Both styles of are great options for new construction and remodeling applications. We are here to help with product questions and can even provide free layout assistance. Order your LED flat panels today, or contact one of our sales associates for more information.