LED Flood Lights

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More About LED Floodlights

Making sure your home or business is safe and secure is extremely important. One way this can be accomplished is with the installation of energy-efficient LED floodlights. A well-illuminated area helps to decrease crime and helps ensure the safety of building patrons. We carry several different types of LED floods, each providing their own unique characteristics and benefits. 

Our selection of LED floods come in a variety of different lumen packages and wattages. Fixtures with high lumen outputs will have ability to provide adequate illumination, even during periods of inclement weather such as excess fog, rain, and heavy snow. For exterior areas that just need a small amount of light output, such as building signs and landscaping, install a lower lumen output floodlight. 

We carry top brands of LED floods from companies like SLG Lighting and TCP. They stand behind the quality of their products by offering five and ten year warranties. Many of our LED flood lights have estimated lifespans that range from 50,000 to 100,000 hours of continuous illumination. This helps reduce time you would have to spend on maintaining your fixtures, so your property is not left in the dark. If you are simply unsure about which LED flood would be the most appropriate for your home or business, let one of our experience lighting associates lend a hand.