LED HID Retrofit Lamps

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LED Corn Lights

Designed to replace inefficient metal halide and high pressure sodium HID lamps, these LED corn bulbs are an energy-efficient alternative that allow you to save on energy and maintenance costs. Our LED retrofit lamps will give you the same amount of light output as their HID predecessors. LED corn lights require zero-maintenance, meaning you aren't having to constantly replace lamps and ballasts. They also produce consistent light with excellent color consistency.

LED corn cob lamps are available in a range of color tones, from cool white to near daylight white light. These lamps are great for high bays, shoeboxes, post-top, flood lights, and other outdated HID fixtures. The great thing about HID retrofits, is they are easy to install, simply bypass the existing ballast and start enjoying instant energy savings. Many of our LED corn lights offer up to 50,000 hours of continued illumination with a 5-year warranty.