LED High Bay Lighting

LED High Bay Lighting Fixtures

For indoor applications with high ceilings, LED high bay fixtures are a long lasting and energy-efficient lighting solution. They are ideal for warehouses, gymnasiums, manufacturing, retail and many other applications with hard-to-reach ceilings. LED high bay lights provide excellent efficiency and light output compared to traditional HID and fluorescent fixtures. LED lights provide a better quality light output coupled with energy efficiency. For increased safety and visibility, high bay LED lights from LEDFixturesandLamps.com is the best way to illuminate large open spaces such as auditoriums, manufacturing plants, gyms, and warehouses.

LEDFixturesandLamps.com has an extensive selection of LED high bay lighting fixtures to choose from that include LED linear high bays, round high bays, and ufo high bays, to meet your lighting requirements. Our LED high bays have a variety of different light outputs that range from 12,000 to 44,000 lumens. They offer bright powerful light output that is dependable with lifespans that exceed 50,000 hours. These fixtures provide a low-to-no-maintenance lighting solution, saving on replacement time and materials.

Many LED high bay lights feature 0-10V dimming to adjust light output to meet your needs. Having a reliable lighting solution for commercial and industrial applications is extremely important for enhanced productivity and safety. A wide variety of accessories are available that include occupancy sensors, wire guards, lenses, and reflectors, to help to ensure the LED high bay lights you select meet your application's lighting needs. Shop our selection of LED high bays from top brands like SLG Lighting and TCP today or contact one of our sales associates to learn more.