LED Parking Lot Lighting

Parking Lot and Area Lighting

LED Lighting for Parking Lot | LEDFixturesandLamps.com

Ensuring that your parking lot and exterior building areas are well-lit is extremely important for business owners. Having a fully-functioning parking lot lighting system means that areas where vehicles and pedestrians are present is well-illuminated. When most people think about parking lot lighting, they envision fixtures that are commonly mounted on poles and strategically placed throughout parking lots, pathways, and driveways.

In the past, most parking and area lighting applications featured HID fixtures with metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps. Overtime, people have began to realize those fixtures are not reliable and their light output becomes subpar. At LEDFixturesandLamps.com, we have a solution to alleviate all the headaches that come along with existing and new parking lot lighting applications.

LED Area Lighting

Our selection of LED area lights will help ensure your parking lots and other areas the experience frequent traffic are well illuminated. With these LED lights you see a significant reduction in energy consumption, sometimes as much as 80% compared to HID lamps. LED parking lot lights have rated lifespans that can exceed 100,000 hours of continuous use, with little to no maintenance being required. We have a broad selection of mounting types as well as wattages available to accommodate virtually any outdoor parking application.

LED Wall Pack and Flood Lights

For parking areas along the exterior of your commercial building, we recommend utilizing LED wall packs or LED flood lights. With proper placement, these fixtures will show that your building is well-lit, safe, and secure. This helps to deter any criminal activity from taking place. LED wall pack lights are stationary and direct the light output they produce outward and downward. Whereas, with LED flood lighting fixtures, you choose the important areas you wish to illuminate. They help provide a little more flexibility, post-installation. Our lighting associates are here to help you choose the right parking lot lighting to address your property's exterior needs.