LED Downlights

More About LED Recessed Lighting

LED downlight fixtures are one of the most versatile lighting sources available, they are great for both residential and commercial buildings. We have a variety of different LED recessed lighting products that are great for remodel and new construction projects. With our LED recessed lighting fixtures, you can transform your existing fixtures into energy efficient, crisp-clean lighting. Most LED fixtures are rated to last up to 50,000 hours, making them maintenance-free with no constant need to change-out lamps.

In the past few years recessed lighting has incredibly evolved. Unlike traditional recessed fixtures that required a rough-in can housing and trim, new LED downlights have integrated junction boxes for direct wire installation. LED canless downlights utilize attached spring clips to securely recessed them into the ceiling without the need of a recessed can housing. They are IC rated, meaning they can be installed in direct contact with insulation or in applications with uninsulated ceilings. They are ideal for residential, office, retail, hospitality, and drop ceiling applications.

If you are simply looking to upgrade and retrofit your existing recessed lights in a hassle-free way, install a LED downlight kit. They use the medium base socket of the existing housing and simply screw-in. These are perfect for DIYers that want to replace inefficient incandescent trims with new LED models. LED retrofit downlights come in 4-inch, 5-inch and 6-inch sizes to accommodate a wide variety of recessed housings. Select the wattage and color temperature that will best suit your lighting needs.