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Having proper illumination for students in educational facilities helps to improve learning abilities and helps remove unnecessary distractions. Installing LED lighting in schools will provide an energy-efficient lighting solution that will help reduce operating and maintenance costs.

Benefits of LED Lighting for Schools

LED school lighting helps to provide a variety of benefits that include consistent color of light output and reduced energy consumption up to 80% compared to traditional fixtures. This is why many educational facilities are retrofitting to LED school lights, from elementary to university levels, both inside and outside of buildings.

Improved Learning Ability

Making sure that you have the correct lighting layout for classrooms is crucial. Older technologies such as fluorescent lighting brought forth a variety of issues, including buzzing, flickering, and contained mercury. LED classroom lighting does not contain any toxic mercury materials. The headaches of flickering and buzzing lights are eliminated. Virtually removing all unnecessary distractions. LED classroom lighting can help students learn better in whole.

Lighting Solutions for Schools

There are several other areas that are located within schools that can see many benefits from LED technology. Gymnasiums can see a dramatic improvement with the installation of LED high bays. Normally illuminated with outdated and inefficient HID high bays, gym lighting consumes a significant amount of energy and requires a lot of maintenance to keep fixtures fully functioning. School hallway lighting fixtures can be retrofitted with LED tubes, LED troffer lights, or LED panel lights. Building perimeter lighting can be improved with the incorporation of LED wall packs. They can even increase the safety and security of parking areas with LED area lighting. 

By implementing an LED lighting system in the previous mentioned areas can really help schools create a better learning environment for their students, and a better place to work for faculty. Our knowledgeable lighting associates are hear to help provide you with the most up-to-date information on all of the products we offer and make sure that you choose the correct lighting system that will last you for years to come.