LED Tape Light

One of the most versatile lighting solutions for illuminating under cabinets, coves, and display cases is LED tape light. One of the most attractive features that it offers, is that it is very easy to install. Each section of tape light comes with an adhesive 3M backing, so you can just peel-and-stick, its really that simple. Tape light systems are available in variety of custom lengths and reels, to help complete your project hassle-free. There multiple accessories available that include channel guides, extrusions, and control systems for more in-depth applications.

LED tape light, also commonly referred to as LED strip light or ribbon light, can be used in indoor and outdoor applications. It is operated using 12V or 24V power supplies to reduce the risk of electrical shorts that are commonly encountered with line voltage accent lighting. It can be installed under stairs and eaves, used to illuminate decks and gazebos, or even light-up walkways and driveways. We have extrusions available with diffusers to help reduce glare associated with the LEDs. For applications such as pools and hot tubes, our submersible or water-proof strip light can be installed in up to 6 feet of water. This is a great accent light for pools and other water features. We also have RGB tape light that is great for events, entertaining and theaters, because of its color changing capabilities. You can even mix or create multiple colors that best suit your application with the aid of a controller.

LED tape light is one of the most energy-efficient accent lighting sources available. Our standard grade tape light consumes less than 3 watts per foot, making it great for added task lighting. Choose from an array of color temperature options ranging from deluxe warm white 2400K to cool white 4100K. At LEDFixturesandLamps.com, we have everything you need to customize your LED tape light to meet the needs of its intended application.