LED Troffers

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LED Troffer Lights

LED Troffer lights have became the go-to choice fo illuminating offices, hospitals, retail, and other commercial building applications. LED troffers neatly recessed into a grid ceiling, helping to provide a bright even light output. Many of them can even be suspended or surface mounted with the appropriate accessories. They come in various different styles and sizes that include 2x2 and 2x4.

For years, fluorescent troffers were used as a common light source for office, retail, hospital, and commercial building applications. Now that LED technology has evolved so has lay-in troffer lights. LED troffer lights last much longer than traditional fluorescents and their lumen output does not depreciate as quickly. Many LED lay-in troffers have rated lifespans that can exceed 100,000 operational hours, requiring less maintenance. They operate off line voltage, eliminating common issues fluorescent models had with ballasts. If you need help with a lighting plan or choosing the right LED troffer for your application, contact one of our sales associates today.