LED Under Cabinet Lighting

About LED Under Cabinet Lighting Solutions

With so many options and styles available, selecting the right under cabinet fixture for your home or workspace requires a little bit of research to determine what you exactly need. First you need to determine the measurements of the space of where the LED under cabinet lights will be installed. Most under cabinet lights can be connected together to accommodate a variety of different application sizes. The next step would be select the LED under cabinet lighting fixture that will best fit your space's decor, choose from strip under cabinet fixtures, puck or tape lights. These LED fixtures will help provide up to 50,000 hours of continuous illumination.

Adding strip under cabinet fixtures is a great way to add illumination to counters. They come in a variety of different lengths and are linkable, this is extremely beneficial if you have extra long countertops. Strip under cabinet fixtures come in white and bronze finishes, making it easy to match your kitchen's layout and aesthetics. These LED lights are ultra-thin allowing you to neatly tuck them up underneath your cabinet so they are unobtrusive.

Puck lights are ideal for task lighting or for just adding an ambient touch of light to counters. They are great for use as display lighting underneath shelves and glass cabinets. Our LED puck lights from American Lighting have a variety of different mounting options. They can be surface-mounted or recess-mounted for a nice, clean look. Many of our LED puck lights are dimmer-compatible, which allows you to adjust the light level to meet your areas needs. They come in three different finishes that include white, black, and nickel.

In areas were space is extremely limited and has clearance issues, utilizing tape light is ideal for illumination. Tape Light is very popular because it is easy to install, it comes with an adhesive backing allowing you to add under cabinet lights in the tightest of spaces. It is great for adding accent lighting underneath cabinets, over cabinets, coves, and other areas that require display lighting.

Another great benefit you receive with LED under cabinet fixtures is they are low-maintenance and energy efficient. They only require a small amount of energy consumption compared to traditional fluorescent, xenon, and halogen fixtures. The drawback these traditional under counter lights came with is they required so much maintenance, bulbs seemed to continually failed, but with LED they require zero maintenance. This allows you to enjoy your new under cabinet LED lights without the constant worry of having to replace bulbs. 

Select from a generous choice of color temperatures that range from deluxe warm 2400K to cool white 4100K light output. With an abundance of finish choices, you will be able to find the right LED under cabinet fixture that will not disrupt your kitchen's decor. Our staff is here to help answer any questions about under cabinet light fixtures featured, please contact one of our lighting experts at 800.229.4070 for more information.