LED Vapor Tight Fixtures

About Vapor Tight Lights

Many commercial business applications require a lighting fixture that can combat the harshest of elements thrown at them. LED vapor tight lighting fixtures are designed to withstand harsh conditions and provide a bright, energy-efficient light output at the same time. These fixtures feature a durable fiberglass housing with impact resistant diffusers, which protect them from breaking down overtime.

LED vapor tight lights are pretty versatile when it comes to installation, they can be surface mounted or suspended. They were designed to replace inefficient and outdated fluorescent strip lights. These fixtures come with different wattage options and choices in color temperatures that range from 3500K-5000K. Most models even feature 0-10V dimming, giving you control of light output needed for your space. Our LED vapor tight fixtures have IP65 and IP66 ratings. This means both are dust  and water-proof. The only difference is that the IP66 rating can withstand powerful water spray.