LED Wall Packs

It is very important that your commercial building is secure and safe. One way this can be achieved is with the installation of LED wall packs. They help to provide bright LED lighting to building perimeters, entrances, and walkways. LED wall packs come in several different styles that include traditional, cutoff, and slim. LED tall packs are available to add security lighting to doorways and entrances. We have a large offering of LED wall pack lights available to suit specific needs of any building application.

They are also a great replacement for inefficient HID wall packs. By upgrading outdated wall pack lights with new LED wall packs, you will have up to 100,000 hours of maintenance-free light output. These outdoor led wall packs only use a fraction of the energy traditional fixtures required, saving up to 80% in annual utility costs.

LED Traditional Wall Packs

Featuring a full glass diffuser, LED traditional wall packs have the same design of classic HID wall packs. These LED wall packs have a forward throw beam angle so the light is projected outward and downward. They are great for commercial building applications that does not require Dark Sky compliance. These wall packs have an input voltage of 120-277V with wattages ranging from 30 to 135 watts.

LED Cutoff Wall Packs

Cutoff LED wall packs are designed to minimize uplight and project the light downward, making them great for applications that require Dark Sky compliance. They have an incorporated visor or shield that help direct the light downward to illuminate the intended areas. LED cutoff wall packs are great for public spaces, schools, hospitals, or any application where light pollution is a concern.

Slim LED Wall Packs

If you are concerned about having the appearance of a bulky wall pack, then slim LED wall packs. The great benefit of slim LED wall packs is that they have cutoff and full cutoff so the light is directed downward, thus creating minimal light pollution. These fixtures are ideal for applications that need low-profile lighting such as the exterior areas of hotels, retail stores, and commercial building establishments.

LED Tall Packs

Commonly used for outdoor doorway lighting, LED tall packs also known as LED mini wall packs, help to provide enough illumination for safety and security. These LED wall packs usually come with an integrated photocell, so that the light automatically turns on at night and goes off in the morning. They are great for building entrances, porches, garage doors, and patios.