LED Workshop and Garage Lighting

Workshop and Garage Lighting

LED Lighting for Workshops and Garages | LEDFixturesandLamps.com

Making sure that you have adequate shop lighting is very important factor in accomplishing tasks quickly and efficiently. Bright shop lights are a must have for workshops, garages, manufacturing facilities, and other commercial applications. Implementing LED lighting for these applications will help provide energy efficient lighting that will last for many years.

Existing Lighting

Many garages and workshops have older fluorescent lighting fixtures they utilize for lighting that have a variety of issues. They are typically suspended or mounted to the surface of the ceiling. There are several downsides that come along with fluorescent fixtures. They consume a significant amount of energy, require consistent maintenance, and their color consistency is below standard. For these areas, making sure that you have consistent color is extremely important. Uneven color tones will cause employees to have eye strain, difficulty concentrating, and even fatigue. Our LED shop lights have an excellent color rendering index, or CRI, of above 70. This CRI is ideal for promoting a productive work environment.

Benefits of Implementing LED Shop Lights and LED High Bays

Our selection of LED shop lights come in standard 48-inch and 96-inch lengths. They feature a frosted lens diffuser that helps provide smooth, uniform illumination. They are great for applications with a ceiling height of less than 15 feet. However, if you application's ceiling height exceeds 15 feet, we recommend installing a LED high bay fixture. Both fixture styles will help to make sure that light output is even distributed, and with the incorporation of frosted diffusers helps to reduce glare from the LEDs.

Selecting a Proper Color Tone

Most professional workshops and garages need fixtures that produce a high lumen output, compared to ordinary residential garages. The light output is extremely important for worker safety, morale, and productivity. Choose from a generous selection of color temperature options that range from 3500K to 5000K. Select from neutral white to daylight color tones that suits your lighting needs. We recommend going with a daylight 5000K color temperature for increased visibility. All of our LED shop lighting fixtures are backed with a 5-year warranty. They are rated to provide up to 50,000 hours of continuous illumination. No matter what application you may have, our knowledgable staff is here to provide you with the best lighting recommendation for workshop or garage application.