Linear LED High Bays

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Linear LED High Bay Lights

Selecting the right fixture to adequately illuminate areas with high ceilings is very important. Designed to replace inefficient HID and fluorescent lighting systems, LED linear high bay light fixtures combine efficiency with incredible light output to provide an affordable, high-functioning lighting solution. They are constructed with an aluminum frame with an optional clear or frosted lens to diffuse light output. Linear LED high bay light fixtures are available in various wattages, lumen outputs, and color temperatures to help meet your lighting requirements. They are ideal for high-ceiling applications such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities, gymnasiums, big box retail stores, auditoriums, and more. Not only only do they consume less energy, they also are more sustainable than HID and fluorescent lamps. Many have lifespans that exceed 50,000 burn hours. These LED high bay fixtures are easy to install, with their various knockouts and easy-access wiring compartments. We offer a wide selection of linear LED high bay lighting from top brands such as SLG Lighting and TCP. Our sales associates are here to help answer any questions to ensure your application is well-lit and has the best lighting solution available.