PAR20 LED Light Bulbs

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LED PAR20 Light Bulbs

Our selection of LED PAR20 lamps are a direct replacement for less efficient halogens. With an assortment of color temperatures available, LEDs give you the freedom to choose the color of light that suits your tastes. Whereas, traditional halogen lamps only came in 3000K soft white. These flood lights are compatible with a wide selection of dimmers, helping you to create a customized lighting system. With up to 25,000 hours of lamp life, these bulbs are a great way to significantly cut energy costs.

PAR20 LED bulbs have a range of beam angles to choose from to meet lighting requirements of their application. For a narrow spot, you will need to go with a beam angle of 15 degrees. If you are looking for more of a narrow flood, then a 25 degree beam angle is the ideal choice. Lastly, for a traditional flood pattern, the 40 degree beam angle would be best. Replace your inconsistent, energy-consuming halogens today with LED PAR20 Lamps.