PAR30 Short Neck LED Light Bulbs

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LED PAR30 Short Neck Lamps

Designed to help reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs, PAR30 short neck LED lamps are an ideal solution when it comes to replacing halogen models. Offering an incredible lamp life, PAR30 LEDs have lifespans up to 25,000 hours. This gives you a maintenance-free lamp option, combined with affordability and energy efficiency. All of our PAR30 short neck LEDs have dimming capabilities, a great feature for added savings. 

LED PAR30 short neck light bulbs feature a wide variety of different color temperatures. Select from a range that starts with very warm white 2400K through daylight 5000K. Choose a 15 degree, 25, degree, or 40 degree beam angle that best fits your requirements. They feature a white or black finish so that you do not take away from your areas décor.  Replace your inefficient 50-watt and 75-watt incandescent halogens with long lasting, energy efficient  PAR30 short neck LED light bulbs today.