PAR38 LED Light Bulbs

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LED PAR38 Light Bulbs

PAR38 LED lamps are a great energy efficient alternative for a wide range of residential and commercial fixture applications. Equipped with LED technology, these PAR38s are more efficient and last longer than standard halogen bulbs. They also help to reduce overall HVAC costs since they don't emit the same amount of heat as halogens.

Our LED PAR38 light bulbs boast up to 25,000 hours of maintenance-free illumination. Many are Energy Star rated. Most of our LED PAR38 lamps are fully-dimmable, help to further reduce energy consumption. Choose from white and black finishes to coordinate with the space of where they are being installed. Select a color temperature that best suits your needs, starting at 2400K and reaching 5000K. For your LED PAR38 bulbs shop our collection today at