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LEDFixturesandLamps.com is focused on bringing the most efficient, and “state of the art” lighting products to the marketplace. Our staff has over 60 years of combined lighting experience, and is dedicated to providing customers with the proper knowledge of lighting that is best suitable for their application. If you are planning a new construction project, let our staff help you with a lighting layout. This will help to ensure your application gets the proper lighting it needs. We also can help with retrofit projects, whether you have questions on which fixture to use as a replacement or if you want to reconfigure the lighting layout.

We specialize in commercial lighting fixtures that include LED high bays, LED flat panels, LED troffers, LED wall packs, and more. Our commitment is to guide and assist the selection process for many lighting applications. Making sure that you have the correct lighting for your application is very important. Areas that are properly illuminated can provide you with several benefits. You get a long lasting light source and reduced in energy consumption with the installation of a LED lighting system. Areas that are evenly illuminated with the proper foot candles can help to increase security and safety. However, did you know having the proper color tone and level of brightness installed in your business can help lead to better productivity from your employees. Our knowledge lighting associates are to help you find the right products you need.

If you are looking to retrofit or install new fixtures in your application, LEDFixturesandLamps.com has exactly what you need. Utility companies are offering rebate incentives in exchange for the installation of energy efficient lighting. Our staff is here to help you select the right product that qualifies for your local power suppliers rebate program. Browse our large selection of LED high bay fixtures for applications that include warehouses, gymnasiums, manufacturing plants, and other commercial buildings that have very high ceilings. We carry several different styles of LED high bays to suit any application's needs, including linear, round, and ufo models. Areas such as retail, office, hospital, and educational facilities, can see a large improvement of light output and reduced energy consumption with the installation of LED panel and troffer lights. We even have LED lights for your outdated, inefficient outdoor lighting such as LED area lighting, LED wall pack lights, and LED flood lighting fixtures. We strive to provide you with the best performing, energy-efficient LED lighting products at affordable pricing to help reduce operating costs and provide you with a light source that last for years to come.