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November 07, 2018 2 min read

Parking Lot with LED Lighting | LEDFixturesandLamps.com

Making sure your parking lot looks well-kept and well-lit is an important factor for visitors or customers. Many people want to feel they are pulling into an area that is both safe and secure. So, if your parking lot has lighting that is not working or there are not enough lights, they will deter visitors and customers.

High-intensity discharge (HID) fixtures were the go-to source for illuminating outdoor parking areas. Now that LED technology has evolved, more people are deciding it is time to upgrade. Business owners have became overwhelmingly displeased with HID lighting because of its drawbacks. They use a significant amount of power, the light quality is not that great, and they are super-expensive to continually maintain.

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For those reasons more people are looking to upgrade to LED parking lot lights. So what makes them so much better? Were glad you asked, LED lighting uses significantly much less power than HID, the light output is much better, and they do not require continuous maintenance. LEDs consume up-to 90% less power than traditional HID lamps. With an average CRI of 65, HID lamps have a light output that has a dingy look. With LED, many of them feature high CRIs of 70 or higher and emit a crisp, clean light output. Their light is more focused, whereas HID lighting is more multi-directional and does not always illuminate what they are intended for.

There are several different outdoor LED fixtures for commercial establishments, some of those include LED wall packs, flood lights, canopy lights, and of course LED area lights. These fixtures feature rated lifespans that exceed 50,000-rated hours, compared to HID that is up-to 4 times as long. Almost every year, HID fixtures need constant maintenance, requiring a lamp or ballast change and sometimes both. This creates a large labor expense as well as materials.

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LED parking lot fixtures do have a much larger upfront cost but the benefits overtime will outweigh this significantly. Switch to LED today, and see the results in reduced energy consumption, brightness, and the better overall look it will provide. Our lighting associates are here to help guide you through the process of selecting the most efficient and affordable LED parking lot lights that are available for your application.

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