LED Lighting Applications

Every application has different requirements and needs for illumination. We have a wide variety of LED lighting to address the illumination needs of a variety of applications. Our selection includes LED fixtures for offices, warehouses, parking lots, shops, gymnasiums and more. You will find the most energy-efficient, long lasting LED lights here at LEDFixturesandLamps.com.


We have a wide variety of LED parking lot lights that will help improve security and safety. Replace outdated HID area lights and wall packs with LED. This will help to reduce overall maintenance and energy consumption. Our selection of high bay LED lighting fixtures will help illuminate a variety of areas that include warehouses, industrial spaces, gyms, and manufacturing facilities. You will still have the same amount of illumination with less energy consumed. LED high bays have longer lifespans with some having hourly ratings that exceed 100,000 hours. As an added bonus, LED fixtures require zero maintenance. Simply install and forget about them.

For shop lighting, LED strip lights are a great replacement for inefficient fluorescents. LED commercial strips do not require a constant lamp and ballast replacement, unlike fluorescent models, helping save on labor and maintenance costs. Upgrade your office lighting with LED panel lights and LED lay-in troffers. They will help to create a more visually-pleasing space and increase worker performance. Upgrading outdated fluorescent recessed troffers with new LED troffers or flat panels will give your office the modernistic look it deserves. Our knowledgeable sales staff is here to help you select the most appropriate fixture for your lighting application.