LED Puck Lights

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Our selection of puck lights, sometimes referred to as button lights, feature a small, lightweight design that allow them to be installed in virtually any application. Used as display light for glass cabinets or for general illumination on kitchen countertops, LED puck lights are ideal because of their smooth, uniform light output and the ability to be surface or recessed-mounted. They are great replacements for inefficient pucks containing xenon and halogen bulbs since the lifespan of the LED light is more than five times as long. They only consume 25% of the energy and produce the same light output as the traditional 20 watt halogen puck. Select from round and square designs with a variety of finishes that include white, black, and nickel. With a rated lifespan of 30,000-hours, there is virtually no maintenance required. They will help supply that bright warm white light to eliminate those dark areas underneath on your cabinets and add display lighting for where its intended.